Geek Spirit

#include "the_flower"
        in your summer reverie
        soon will I return; }

        #define in main() {
        #define your printf("Summer's glory here\n");
        #define summer printf("long frolicking ");
        #define reverie printf("days ");
        #define soon printf("short nights \n");
        #define will printf("fireflies ");
        #define I printf("drift by\n");

Bruce Maxwell, Colby College

Student Choice

With zeroes and ones
You can create infinite

Martha Kosa, Tennessee Technological University

i compile again
screen explodes with errors
semi-colons suck

Alan Rea, Western Michigan University


Coding 101:
Confusion deep and utter.
Welcome to CS!

My first coding class
Mysteries on mysteries.
Programming is hard!

Java, Python, C:
Equally obscure to me.
Will I ever learn?

Finally I'm there:
Writing code with style and flair.
Programming is fun!

Simon, University of Newcastle

Honorable Mentions

Philosophers dine
Simulations work on lines
Deadlock forbidden

Martha Kosa
Tennessee Technological University

Counting is too hard
I'll write an algorithm
To count syllables

Janet Davis
Whitman College

omega and oh:
complex notations to prove
that quick sort is quick

David Reed
Creighton University

Prince Charming's routine
while (!footFits) try next foot
He found his true love

Chris Johnson
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Automata Haiku
FSAs handle
the regular languages,
like ab*c.

FSAs can't do
a^n b^
n); can't retain n.

PDAs handle
a^n b^
n: push a's, pop b's.

PDAs can't do
equal a's, then b's, then c's.
One stack's not enough.

We're climbing Chomsky's
hierarchy. At the top
are Turing Machines.

David Kay
UC Irvine

for it_lies in 'view':
complex.real and random; float#s
(it_lies,) is not True

Keith O'Hara
Bard College

A Compilation of Haiku
tokenize input?
lexical analysis:
finite automata

right token sequence?
syntactic analysis:
DFA plus stack

meaningful program?
semantic analysis:
attribute grammar

Troy Vasiga
University of Waterloo

Tell me when potter
turns to pot, buy, and seller
object joins Maker.

A handled red jar
In green meadow witnesses
Stream drops seeking seas.

Recurring potter
assign WITTy Algorithm
With NULL to return.

O time match runner
from here to there where thy be
Open up the door.

Alireza Ebrahimi
State University of New York, Old Westbury

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