We write this Editor's Message in the wake of the recent SIGCSE Technical Symposium in Seattle where we met with many of you and recruited several exciting new projects that will hit coming issues of Inroads.

At this year's Symposium, the SIGCSE program committee recognized three best papers. These are the best new work in three distinct areas–CS Education Research, New Program, and Experience Report. We reprint each of these in this issue.

In this issue, we introduce a new feature: A Kernel of Truth. This is a one-page opinion piece written by a guest columnist. Jim Huggins authors The Light Is Better Here (And That's Okay). We appreciate this sort of work and we know you will too! Please consider taking an afternoon to write your own kernel to share with the Inroads community.

We welcome two members to the Editorial Advisory Board. Zach Butler's (RIT) interests include puzzles and problem-based learning in addition to CS education. Chris Stephenson heads the Computer Science Education Programs at Google. We are excited to see Google so supportive towards of CS education. Thank you, Zach and Chris, for your willingness to serve and thank you as well to the CS community for your nominations–keep them coming!

Inroads Associate Editors do heavy lifting to orchestrate the peer-review of Inroads content, so we dedicate the rest of this message to recognizing each of them.

Jian Zhang of Texas Woman's University (TWU) is passionate about increasing STEM awareness and in the adoption of innovative approaches to teaching Computer Science. Jian has served as a reader for the College Board AP Computer Science program and on SIGCSE program committees. Though originally from China, Jian now shares her energy with the youth of North Texas. She is active in TWU's Edible Car Contest for middle and high-school girls and coordinates the TWU/Air Force Association CyberCamp for North Texas high school students. Thank you, Jian, for all that you do. We admire how quickly you ramped up for Inroads and your exceptionally meticulous work.


Henry Walker of Grinnell College, whose Inroads column we all enjoy, is an ACM Distinguished Educator and received the 2013 SIGCSE Lifetime Service Award. Since the 1980's, Henry has advanced computing education through service, leadership, and scholarly contributions to the field. Thank you, Henry. We appreciate the experience you bring to Inroads, and we are routinely astounded by your ability to turnaround high quality work, within minutes when on deadline.


Michael Goldweber of Xavier University has a variety of professional interests ranging from distributed systems to computing for the social good in addition to his personal interests in biking and traveling. Michael is currently finishing a distinguished term as Chair of ACM SIGCAS. Thank you so much, Mikey, for never saying no, even to our unreasonable requests, and for your wit and humor that makes working with you a pleasure.


Lucia Dale of Sewanee: The University of the South specializes in actualizing heuristic search algorithms for high configuration search spaces with interests in robotics and visualization as well. While employed at the General Dynamics Corporation, Lucia developed flight control software for the F-16 and YF-22 aircraft. Lucia's current research concerns front-end development of open source databases to affect better visualization and understanding of scientific data. Lucia, we count on your constructive remarks and the mentoring of novice columnists. Thank you.


Tony Clear of Auckland University of Technology, whose Inroads column we all appreciate, is active in computing education through his service to ACM ITiCSE, to Australasian Computer Science Week, and to Computer Science Education and Software Engineering conferences alike. In addition, Tony's research interests are in Global Software Engineering, Collaborative Computing, and Global Virtual Teams. Thank you for everything, Tony–we especially value the deep commitment to software engineering that you bring to Inroads.


Michal Armoni of the Weizmann Institute of Science authors the Inroads column on Computing in Schools. Recipient of the 2003 Frontiers in Education (FIE) New Faculty Fellowship Award, Michal's activities include conference committee service for ACM's ITiCSE, for the Workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education (WiPSCSE) conference, and for the ACM's ICER conference. Thank you for your service, Michal, and the high standards you set to help keep Inroads at the level our readers deserve.


Although we cannot adequately express all our editors do, we greatly value their enormous contributions to Inroads.

Mark Bailey and Laurie Smith King

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