Welcome to the September issue of Inroads. This issue is bursting at the seams with content including columns from many of our fabulous columnists and comprehensive articles from leaders in computing education.

If it is September, it is time for the report on the ACM national (US) survey of non-doctoral-granting departments in computing! The ACM-NDC is intended as a complement to the Computing Research Association (CRA) Taulbee Survey of doctoral-granting departments in computing. Like the Taulbee, ACM-NDC provides data relevant to trends in student enrollment, degree production, faculty demographics and faculty compensation for non-doctoral granting academic departments, with appropriate comparisons to the data in the Taulbee survey. This report always sheds light on current national trends in the United States.

Also included is the second of several installments of a report, commissioned by the CRA. This report is long so we have chosen to present the results serially in Inroads over several issues. September's installment, Generation CS: The Mixed News on Diversity and the Enrollment Surge, includes the diversity findings.

As the September issue goes to press, the two of us celebrate making it halfway through our three-year term as co-editors of Inroads. In the last year, we have focused efforts on expanding the Inroads Editorial Advisory Board (EAB), and these efforts continue. So, we are pleased to welcome another new EAB member, Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President, Oracle Academy. The EAB is an essential part of Inroads delivering on its mission. We read with interest Moshe Y. Vardi's editor's letter, Ten Years at the Helm of Communications of the ACM, in the June 2017 CACM, and found his observations align exactly with ours on the role of the EAB. Vardi notes that the "quality and commitment of the Editorial Board is the real key to the success of the revitalized Communications" particularly in being "not merely reactive, but strongly proactive, continually seeking topics and authors for high-quality articles." Likewise, we encourage our EAB members to play a similar role for Inroads, so thank you EAB for your service, and we look forward to the second half of our journey together! To Alison, thank you for joining the EAB, and to the CS community, keep those nominations coming in. We continue to build the size of the EAB so it can be the most effective and representative board that it can be.

Inroads would not be successful without the support of those who regularly volunteer their time in its production. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge columnist Henry Walker, who has contributed high-quality content to Inroads over many, many years. In June 2016, Henry's column Using the hill-climbing algorithm with curricula and courses, brought his column count to fifty! Henry's column this month will be his fifty-fifth. Quite a milestone achievement! Thank you, Henry, for being a steadfast supporter of Inroads for so many years.

Finally, a note about this issue's Back Page: when Back Page Editor John Barr sought artwork to accompany a pioneers-in-computer-science crossword puzzle, he found wonderful pieces by Amy Whitaker of Tulsa, Oklahoma, an artist who creates work in 'Java,' literally, by painting with coffee! Amy's portrait of Grace Hopper appears in this issue's Back Page; the planned crossword puzzle and another 'Java' painting will appear in the December Inroads. John continues to build the Back Page into exactly what we hoped it would be: a source of humor, entertainment, and computing wonder. Thank you, John, for all your creative work. If you have suggestions for items to appear on the Back Page, please contact John.

Mark Bailey and Laurie Smith King


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