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In the 2013 March issue I had mentioned that a task group led by Lisa Kaczmarczyk was working on a report to chart the future of the Inroads magazine. I am pleased to inform you that the final report appears in a special section of this June issue and will appear on the Inroads website. Again, a special "thank you" goes to Lisa and her hard-working group for their relentless efforts in producing the report. The overall goal is to have ACM Inroads achieve a greater level of publication excellence. Please review this document at your earliest convenience and let me know if you have any suggestions or wish to be involved in some capacity.

In the same special section you will find two documents titled, "Author Instructions and Style Specifications" that appear in both brief and detailed forms. The instructions delineate the format and style expected for all article submissions to the magazine. ACM Inroads does not subscribe to any particular camera-ready style for article submissions because ACM will reorganize the presentation of the content to its own design and arrangement for a particular issue. Hence, the simpler the submission document presentation, the easier it is to incorporate an article in an issue. Authors should concern themselves with magazine content and abide by a simple style of presentation prescribed by the instructions mentioned above.

Apropos, the Manuscript Central submission website contains publication criteria for the magazine presented in a document called "Reviewer Scorecard." The scorecard emerged as part of the futures task group and appears as an appendix to the report. Authors should heed the elements of this document because reviewers are using those elements to judge publication suitability for all submissions. For example, one expectation (and criterion) is that high resolution images will be part of all articles appearing in the magazine.

ACM Inroads operates a website at inroads.acm.org. Amber Settle, who piloted the development of the website and was its web administrator, has decided to step down due to other obligations. Thank you, Amber, for doing an outstanding job in making the website come alive. Her successor is Joseph Kmoch. Joe promises to build on Amber's work and bring the website to new levels of visibility.

In this issue, ACM Inroads has expanded its Spotlight section again to include SIGMIS. Long-time ACM member, George Kasper, is the reporter for this section. Now the "Spotlight" shines on SIGMIS, in addition to SIGCSE and SIGITE. Welcome, SIGMIS!

Once again, this issue contains a nice collection of interesting articles to satisfy the appetite of all computing educators. Indeed, we are grateful to all authors who contribute to the magazine. Feel free to contact these dedicated individuals who present their views on a variety of topics. Their efforts help make this magazine an outstanding publication.

John Impagliazzo

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