Best practices backed up by research at the recent NCWIT Summit

A couple of weeks ago I attended the annual NCWIT Summit. As usual, it was a smashing success including excellent sessions, lots of networking and lots of food. Amy Dalal, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Carleton College, attended this Summit and commented

NCWIT is big on “best practices backed up by research” and so every year we hear from social scientists on relevant research (stereotype threat, implicit bias, etc). These talks tend to be very powerful, and this year was no exception.

You might want to check out her full blog entry about her experience (which was very much like mine)

In fact, you might want to bookmark her blog “This is What a Computer Science Looks Like” with the description “Musings on teaching, research, technology, and diversity by someone who doesn’t look the part.”  She has many interesting posts.


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