About ACM Inroads

The ACM Inroads magazine serves professionals interested in advancing computing education on a global scale. The goal of the publication is to generate new ‘inroads’ in the theory and practice of computing education and to share those discoveries by fostering dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration with educators worldwide.

Each issue of ACM Inroads presents the latest work, insights, and research in computing education as written by educators and professionals for educators. Authors represent an international community of scholars and professionals who reflect on and contribute to the computing profession. Every edition offers an array of thought-provoking commentaries from many leading luminaries together with a diverse collection of articles of varying lengths that examine in detail some current research and practices within the computing community.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the largest educational and scientific computing society in the world, publishes ACM Inroads quarterly. ACM advances education through a variety of initiatives, committees, and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that address the changing needs of students and professionals in computing and information technologies.

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Vision Statement

ACM Inroads seeks to become the leading print and online publication for the promotion and strengthening of computing education within the international computing education community.

Mission Statement

ACM Inroads publishes high quality, substantive, visually engaging, contemporary and informative articles describing, analyzing and critiquing current issues and practices throughout the international computing education community.