Hi! ... Welcome to ACM Inroads and its 2012 December issue that marks the conclusion of the third year of ACM's foremost computing education magazine. As always, we are grateful to all authors especially those of the Featured Columns, which form the foundation of the magazine. Don't forget the authors of the EduBits and Spotlight sections that enrich each issue. Feel free to contact these dedicated individuals who present their views and inform us of new thoughts on a variety of topics. They would love to hear from you.

This issue includes a special section on "broadening participation". Guest editor Annemieke Craig has combined her skills and passion to assemble material for this area, one that has been an ongoing area of study in computing educational communities. The articles of this special section form a theme of innovative thinking, capturing inspiring documentation from diverse settings. A glance at this issue's Contents provides a panorama of that diversity, enabling readers to appreciate the breadth, the successes, and the challenges facing computing education. I direct you to Annemeike Craig's Preface to the section (p. 32). It provides an overview of the topic and brief summaries of the articles appearing in the special section. Please avail yourself of these contributions and contact the authors with your comments and inquiries.

As we approach the fourth year of the magazine, I thought it appropriate to begin charting the future direction of the publication. For example, some authors forget that as a magazine, articles for ACM Inroads should neither reflect nor read as research or conference papers. Images (photos, graphs, sketches, etc.) should be almost mandatory. Authors and reviewers should realize this. Other situations also come to mind such as reviewer rating scales (rubrics), duties of the editor-in-chief, the associate editors, the editorial advisory board, and the reviewers themselves. To this end, I have asked Lisa Kaczmarczyk to form a task group to address these and other related issues. Members of her group include Mikey Goldweber, Beth Hawthorne, Joe Kmoch, and Fran Trees; to retain independence of discussion, I serve only as an advisor to the group. A task group report is due by year's end. Stay tuned for further information. Thanks all!

I trust you will enjoy reading the special edition, the columns, and the other elements that form this issue of ACM Inroads. Please contact at least two authors and give them your thoughts; they would be delighted to hear from you. Thanks again to all authors and readers who help make this publication an outstanding magazine.

John Impagliazzo, Editor-in-Chief

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