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ACM's computing education magazine is now midway through its sixth year of publication. It has transitioned into a dynamic publication for computing educators around the world. We owe this success to the many authors and volunteers who have made strong contributions toward a common cause.

This issue of ACM Inroads contains the second part of a two-part special section on "Cybersecurity Education." The first part appeared in the 2014 March issue of the publication. Cybersecurity has many dimensions and this second section provides further perspectives on ways cybersecurity affects computing education and how computing educators may begin to incorporate changes to their courses. I thank guest editor, Diana Burley, from the George Washington University for her efforts in assembling these fine contributions. I trust you will enjoy these presentations as they complement the first part of an important computing education area.

Let me now turn to a reminder of the nuts and bolts that underlie this magazine. First, all submissions to ACM Inroads undergo a double-blind review and therefore, must remain anonymous until accepted. Additionally, it is important to emphasize that all submissions must follow the Author Instructions as they appear on the ScholarOne Manuscript Central site. I summarize those instruction in an abbreviated version below; full details appear within Instructions & Forms at the submission website.

  • References: Use brackets both in text and in listing; reference listing must ordered numerically and in alphabetical order by author last name; all URLs must appear in the reference listing with a descriptor that is placed in the alphabetical list. All references should be formatted as the Author Instructions indicate.
  • Figures: In the manuscript, indicate location of figure inserts, provide captions for figures, images, and tables. Figure captions should not include URLs but, if required, place a reference [in brackets] pointing to the reference list.
  • Images: Must be in color, high resolution (at least 300 dpi); JPEG format preferred.
  • Layout: Letter page size; 1" margins throughout; Times New Roman, 10 point font, 1.5 fixed (no automatic) line spacing; left justified (ragged right margin); MS Word file type required.

Manuscripts that do not conform to these guidelines will be returned to the author for correction and subsequent submission.

We have some personnel changes as we advance through the magazine's sixth year. As you may recall, we have adopted a "phase-out, phase-in" policy for associate editors (AEs) and Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members whereby a member phases out of a position while another takes his or her place when terms of service expire. The AEs agree that this is a good strategy to maintain stability while allowing new people to become more involved with the publication. Three EAB members are phasing out at this time; they are Steve Cooper, Sue Fitzgerald, and Amber Settle. The ACM Inroads team and I extend a heart-felt "thank you" for their many years of dedication toward the success of the publication. In exchange, we extend a warm welcome to Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas from Peru, Margaret Hamilton from Australia, and Yifat Kolikant from Israel for undertaking their new roles as EAB members. We also thank Yoav Yair for his services as our columnist for distance learning; we will miss his insights on this evolving way of learning.

As always, we are grateful to all authors who have contributed to this ACM Inroadss publication.

John Impagliazzo


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