Welcome to the December issue of Inroads. Everyone should find a favorite from this month's full buffet of content.

Deepak Kumar's column entitled "TL;DR" (Too Long; Didn't Read) inspired our cover image. Perhaps it reminds you of your desk, or a colleague's? Deepak tackles the challenge of teaching students how to read reference materials instead of turning immediately to a google search or StackOverflow for a copy-and-paste answer of questionable caliber. See our take on how well StackOverflow would have helped us write our editors' message!

December means it is time for the ITiCSE best paper, Broadening Participation in Computing: Examining Experiences of Girls of Color, on a particularly timely topic given today's political climate. With the inclusion, for the first time, of the best paper from ICER in March followed by the best SIGCSE paper in June, Inroads will now bring you the best of the best ideas in computing education three issues a year.

This issue also brings the final installments for two of our multi-issue series. Generation CS: The Challenges of and Responses to the Enrollment Surge is the third and final installment of the CRA report. The first, on enrollment growth, appeared in June followed by September's segment on the mixed news on diversity. We also bring the final installment on environments for teaching Java, a three part series originally conceived by Inroads founding Editor-in-Chief John Impagliazzo. Joining March 2016's CodeRunner and June 2016's Turing's Craft CodeLab reviews, this issue describes jGrasp, a lightweight development environment that provides software visualizations, such as control structure diagrams. This issue brings a new series centered on retention issues, motivated by spring discussions with the ACM Retention Committee. In the News section, Henry Walker introduces this series and the committee. The first two columns for this series also appear: one from Henry Walker (Curricular Issues and Approaches) and the other from Colleen Lewis (Twelve Tips for Creating a Culture that Supports All Students in Computing).

Finally, we bid adieu to long-time Editorial Advisory Board member Dave Berque. An outstanding EAB member, Dave served Inroads well and we are sorry to see him go. As a parting gift to us, Dave nominated a new member for the Board, Steve Bogaerts, who has already demonstrated a high degree of conscientiousness. Welcome aboard Steve!

So, to avoid TL;DR we keep our editors' message short!

Mark Bailey and Laurie Smith King


UF1Figure. Mark Balley Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science, Hamilton College, (315) 859-4229

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