EngageCSEdu is a platform where instructors can find and share high quality, engaging course materials for introductory college and high school computing courses [1]. All materials undergo peer review and must make use of at least one Engagement Practice: Evidence-based practices for broadening participation in computing by engaging all students [2].

When the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) launched the EngageCSEdu platform in the fall of 2014, we knew that having a strong vetting process for submissions was important [5]. The use of peer review has helped ensure the quality and continued relevance of the collection. It also supports our commitment to broadening participation in computing by making use of social and learning scientists with expertise in pedagogy, diversity and inclusion during the review process.

Currently, the collection has over 800 materials from CS0, CS1, and CS2 courses, and we are working to grow submissions by and for high school computing teachers. About 10% of the collection has been designated as "Engagement Excellence" by a committee convened to select the "best of the best" for the year. This committee also recommended two authors for the 2018 NCWIT Engagement Excellence Awards. We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Clif Kussmaul (Muhlenberg College) and Zoe Wood (Cal Poly) for this recognition! (See the NCWIT website for more information about these authors and the awards [6].)

The peer-review approach has been really successful so let's take it to the next level! But what does that look like?

The Vision

Briana and Michelle are already hard at work with the EngageCSEdu team [4]. Here are some new initiatives to look for in the coming year:

Submissions: Submissions will continue to be accepted throughout the year [3] and will be published as they complete the review process. However, submissions will now be organized into four "issues" per year. Each issue will be announced in this Inroads column and other relevant venues and will be accompanied by an Editor's discussion of the newly published materials. Organizing around issues also provides each published material with a publication date, and we hope to add a new filter that will allow users to access materials by publication date. In addition, Briana and Michelle anticipate issuing special calls for submissions around specific engagement practices (e.g., student-related assessment, encouraging student interaction, interdisciplinary connections), or targeting certain topics (e.g., objects) or courses (e.g., CS Principles, CS2).

An Editorial Process Fully Aligned to a Peer Review Journal: As always, when you submit course materials to EngageCSEdu, they are vetted by experienced computer science and social science researchers and instructors to ensure that they are novel, interesting, and use proven engagement practices for ensuring all students are engaged and welcome in the computing classroom. Having Editors-in-Chief and an Editorial Board expands our capacity to accept materials, to make calls for special issues, and to build and better manage our reviewer pool. And perhaps most importantly, this change ensures that EngageCSEdu is more deeply engaged with and embedded within the CS education community.

While we have updated and honed NCWIT's Engagement Practices Framework since the project's launch, the addition of Editors-in-Chief and an editorial board significantly increases our capacity to keep the Framework relevant, accurate, and useful.

Engagement Practices: Submissions published in EngageCSEdu will continue to be required to make use of at least one recognized Engagement Practice [2]: Evidence-based practices for broadening participation in computing. While we have updated and honed NCWIT's Engagement Practices Framework since the project's launch, the addition of Editors-in-Chief and an editorial board significantly increases our capacity to keep the Framework relevant, accurate, and useful.

We are so excited about this new phase in the development of EngageCSEdu! The Editors-in-Chief and I will be "out and about" this year. Please come see us in Minneapolis at our booth at SIGCSE'19. You'll also find us at the 2019 NCWIT Summit in Nashville, and at CSTA'19 in Phoenix. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas about our transition to an online repository/journal, and to talk with you about submitting materials and joining the reviewer pool. Remember that you can always reach us at [email protected].

• Acknowledgments

NCWIT thanks Google for its support of this project from inception to maturity, the many reviewers who make the peer review process work, and the authors who contributed their excellent materials to the collection.


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Beth A. Quinn

National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)
University of Colorado
Campus Box 417 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309
[email protected]

In the coming year, we will work to align EngageCSEdu more fully to an ACM journal model. In fact, we're starting to think of it as an "online repository/journal." And we've already taken our first step! NCWIT is pleased to announce the appointment of the first EngageCSEdu Editors-in-Chief from the computer science education community: Dr. Briana Morrison (University of Nebraska Omaha; Figure 1) and Professor Michelle Craig (University of Toronto; Figure 2). Both have experience in teaching-focused positions, working with K-12 and community college faculty and in CS Education research. Dr. Morrison and Professor Craig will take over the editorial leadership of the collection, including constituting an editorial board. In accepting their appointments, Dr. Morrison noted that, "in moving fully to a journal model our goal is for EngageCSEdu to become the place where computing educators go to find the best possible resources for their courses; ones that promote good practices and are inviting for all." Professor Craig added, "We also want to build a way for teaching faculty—and all faculty—to demonstrate excellence in teaching. We envision faculty at all levels listing EngageCSEdu publications as evidence of their teaching excellence. In this, EngageCSEdu can be of real service to the CS education community."

F1-1Figure 1. Briana Morrison

F1-2Figure 2. Michelle Craig

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