Welcome to the March 2019 Inroads, our last issue as Editors-in-Chief! Being last, but not least, this issue contains thought-provoking columns, articles on innovative pedagogical approaches, and reprints of award-winning conference papers.

In this issue we introduce a new opinion theme for presenting multiple sides of an issue: point/counterpoint. In this inaugural point/counterpoint, Considerations in Computing Accreditation, two teams of authors debate the merits of ABET accreditation for computer science programs. Authors Andrew Phillips, Kenneth Martin, and John Impagliazzo present in support of accreditation, while authors Kim Bruce and Fred Martin present an opposing view. We hope the format informs and entertains readers and inspires future submissions.

In December, we announced contests to highlight two SIGCSE awards. Winners were randomly selected from all correct entries. Karl Wurst won the Educator contest by correctly identifying all the winners of the SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education award. Michael Casperson won the Lifetime Service contest by correctly identifying all the winners of the SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community award. Thus encouraged, go forth and nominate strong candidates for future awards!

Our reprinting of ITiCSE best paper usually occurs in December, but the 50th anniversary issue pushed it off until this issue. We hope you enjoy Ali Erkan's (Ithaca College) ITiCSE award winning paper The Educational Insights and Opportunities Afforded by the Nuances of Prim's and Kruskal's MST Algorithms. We also bring you the ICER Chair's Award paper with Investigating the Relationship Between Spatial Skills and Computer Science by Jack Parkinson and Quintin Cutts (University of Glasgow) and the ICER John Henry Award with On Use of Theory in Computing Education Research by Greg L. Nelson and Andrew J. Ko (University of Washington). We hope you enjoy these best-of-the-best selections from two SIGCSE conferences!

Reflecting on our tenure as Editors-in-Chief, we are tremendously grateful. ACM Inroads hits your mailbox or inbox as the premiere magazine in computing education only thanks to the many fine people who support and sustain Inroads behind the scenes.

The regular publication of Inroads would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our dedicated Associate Editors: Tony Clear (Auckland University of Technology), Lucia Dale (Sewanee: The University of the South), Michael Goldweber (Xavier University), Jan Vahrenhold (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster), Henry M. Walker (Grinnell College), and Jian Zhang (Texas Woman's University). Our Associate Editors are principally responsible for the quality of work that appears on the pages of Inroads! We thank them for their high standards and the diligent work ethic. While not an Associate Editor, John Barr (Ithaca College) is our Back-Page Editor and is single-handedly responsible for bringing the Back Page to life! Four other staffers dedicated work bring the pages of Inroads alive each quarter: Diane Crawford (Executive Editor), Joe Kmoch (Web Administrator), Susan Lukesh (Copy Editor), and Bob Vizzini (Art Director). Inroads' professional and pleasing presentation is due to their masterful and careful work.

We thank our columnists: Michal Armoni (Weizmann Institute of Science), Stephanie August (Loyola Marymount University), Gillian Bain (Moray College, University of the Highlands and Islands), Tony Clear (Auckland University of Technology), John Dougherty (Haverford College), David Ginat (Tel-Aviv University), Don Gotterbarn (East Tennessee State University), Deepak Kumar (Bryn Mawr College), Amanda Lattimore (Dulaney High School), Lauri Malmi (Aalto University), C. Dianne Martin (The George Washington University), Mark Pauley (University of Nebraska at Omaha), Beth Quinn (University of Colorado), Josh Tenenberg (University of Washington Tacoma), Cara Tang (Portland Community College), Heikki Topi (Bentley University), and Henry M. Walker (Grinnell College). Thank you for being an endless wellspring of stimulating, relevant, and thought-provoking ideas delivered on time in well-crafted articles!

We also thank the members of our Editorial Advisory Board, whose names and affiliations can be found in the Magazine's masthead and on the Inroads website. The EAB assures the quality of Inroads content through consistent and timely reviews. The volume of submissions to Inroads demands a large staff to support this activity. We thank each of our EAB members and encourage our readers to consider volunteering to work on the EAB.

We enthusiastically welcome Margaret Hamilton and James Harland who take over the helm of Inroads. Both hail from down under at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. An Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology, Margaret's many achievements include an initiative to improve student learning outcomes and satisfaction through employability-driven assessments. James is an Associate Dean of Student Experience and Professor of Computational Logic whose research interests include reasoning methods for intelligent agents, abstract computational models, and threshold concepts. We've enjoyed working with Margaret and James during the transition and thank them for their future time commitment to ACM Inroads.

Serving as Inroads Editors-in-Chief gave us the privilege and pleasure to serve computing education in concert with many remarkable, talented, and inspiring people. We thank the ACM Publications Board for the opportunity to shepherd Inroads publication and the authority to advance the magazine in new directions. The Board's confidence inspired us. We also want to thank our home institutions of The College of the Holy Cross and Hamilton College (the two HCs) for supporting us and recognizing the merit of the work of Editors-in-Chief of Inroads.

On a personal note, guiding Inroads over the last three years has been an experience at times all-consuming—requiring countless hours, voluminous daily emails, and weekly phone calls—yet ultimately deeply gratifying. Together, we have forged a deep personal and professional partnership that sustained us in bringing each issue of Inroads to press. Having an all-in partner while serving a worthy higher purpose has been a tremendously satisfying experience. As we step down as Editors-in-Chief, we will always be thankful for this opportunity.

Mark Bailey and Laurie Smith King


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